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Chasing Static

Chasing Static

horror adventure game of 2021 Coming to new Gen!

Chasing Static

First look on Chasing Static

Chasing Static is an horror adventure game developed by Headware Games and published by Ratalaika Games back in 2021. The game is back on consoles and a Nintendo switch version as well. It’s set for release on January 12th of 2023 on PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, Switch And Pc via Steam.


Chasing Static is about a psychological horror short story. As you seek shelter in a café after a car accident you find the waitress  pinned to the ceiling by something with fierce glowing eyes. Just as you wake up from passing out off that sight. Explore the untouched wilderness of rural Wales as you uncover the forgotten remains of a mysterious facility and find the truth behind the missing villagers of Hearth.


Moving on to the gameplay of Chasing Static. Firstly, the game has the 80s’ style Sci-Fi horror. Although the game is horror genre, its got the adventure aspect to it. This makes you wonder if its your basic routine horror game but i guarantee its not. The game is actually non linear when it comes to exploration and map discovery. This means there are multiple ways to play the game and restart from scratch to discover new interactions and endings.
Secondly, Chasing static has Audio driven gameplay where you hunt with an experimental Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device.However, although the game looks vague, it only takes up to 2 hours to do a complete run through. Thirdly, one of the fun aspects of Chasing Static is it’s graphics that looks similar to PS1 games. So if you’re the nostalic type of gamer, do not hesitate to give this one a go.

For more details and visual gameplay checkout this video.
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