Avatars Saga: A New Mobile RPG Taking the West

Avatars Saga: A New Mobile RPG Taking the West

Avatars Saga: A New Mobile RPG Taking the West

Avatars Saga: A New Mobile RPG Taking the West


The enormous Asian action RPG Avatars Saga has launched in the west today and aims to repeat its success in various new territories. Since it launched in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, Avatars Saga has amassed over ten million downloads, which has catapulted it to the very top of the App Store free charts.

Today, mere hours after going live in the new territories of the US, Canada, Germany, France,, it already sits at the top of the App Store free charts in the US. You can grab it from the App Store or Google Play if you’re already sold and would like to check it out. The game entered pre-registration last month.


If you haven’t heard of it, Avatars Saga is a mobile action RPG that features five different playable classes. These include the Swordsman, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, and Kung Fu Master. While each varies in terms of gameplay, the common denominator amongst them is their use of the elements. Each character must master fire, ice, thunder, light, and darkness if they want to destroy their foes.

Real-time weather system

Speaking of the elements, Avatars Saga features an impressive real-time weather system that makes exploring the world that much more charming. You may run across a sunny hillside before venturing through a forest in the rain. It helps make the world feel more alive.

Quests and leveling

When you’re not marveling at the beautiful world, you’ll take on quests and battle monsters to increase your character’s level.

Avatars Saga
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You can also find new equipment that boosts your character’s power further – this is an RPG, after all.

Portrait perspective and idle gameplay

And you can do it all from a portrait perspective, allowing for one-handed gameplay. There’s no-handed gameplay too. Avatars Saga is an idle game too, so your character can continue to progress even when you’re not playing.

Social features

A mobile phone is a primarily social device, and Avatars Saga seeks to take full advantage of this. That’s why every server is global, allowing players from all regions the game is available in to play together. You can make new friends and invite them to join you on your journey or battle against your enemies in PVP.

Avatars Saga
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Marriage and apprenticeship systems

There are even marriage and apprenticeship systems, which reward you for playing with others.

Launch celebration rewards

Avatars Saga has only just launched in the west, and, to celebrate, developer 4399 is giving away a bunch of free items to make the beginning of your journey a lot more fun. That includes 1,000 free draws and an SSR pet panda. For a full list of rewards, check the bullet points below:

Avatars Saga
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  1. 1.5x XP Potion
  2. Double XP Potion
  3. Outfit
  4. 110,000 Silver
  5. Bubble-Lucky Clover
  6. Offline Grinding Card (Two hours)
  7. Junior Wings Essence
  8. Mount Upgrade Bolus (5*)
  9. Protoss Upgrade Bolus (5*)
  10. Boss Refresh Card
  11. Level Two Cold Jadestone
  12. Rose (9*)

Availability and compatible platforms

You can grab Avatars Saga from the App Store and Google Play right now in the following territories: Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the US, Canada, Germany,

For visual gameplay and more details checkout this video
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