Blade & Soul Revolution: May 2023 Update

Blade & Soul Revolution: May 2023 Update

Blade & Soul Revolution: May 2023 Update

Blade & Soul Revolution May 2023 Update: New Dungeon and Exciting Events

Blade & Soul Revolution, the popular open-world mobile RPG from Netmarble, has recently received its May 2023 update. With new dungeons, game improvements, events, and rewards, players have plenty of reasons to dive back into this stunning Eastern fantasy world. Here’s what you need to know about the latest update:

New Dungeon and Experience Game Improvements

One of the major highlights of the May 2023 update is the new dungeon, Ebondrake Cult Secret Hall. Players can now team up with other parties to defend against Demon Lord Jinchin’s attacks and acquire Radiant Demon Lord Jinchin. Additionally, the Dungeon Auction feature allows players to bid for up to three additional items using Silver and Black Crystals after completing a dungeon.

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Furthermore, players can use the Process Soulstone content to use Soulstones they’ve won in Faction Wars and acquire different goods to update their gear. The game has also received balance upgrades for ten classes, including Blade Master, Assassin, Soul Fighters, and others. Hongmoon has also been upgraded to Lv. 90.

Limited-Time Events and Exciting Rewards

Blade & Soul Revolution always has something exciting for players, and the May 2023 update is no exception. Here are some of the limited-time events and rewards available:

New Carnation Coin Shop

Players can now trade Carnation Coins obtained from other occasions for Super Ancient Restoration Stone Selection Chest and Outfit Design: [Dream World].

Ebondrake Cult Secret Hall – Operation: Rescue Soha

By checking in to the game or finishing in-game tasks like finishing the seasonal dungeon, players can get the New Carnation Summon Pouch and Super Gem Chest.

Defeat Demon Lord Jinchin

Players who finish in-game missions, including entering Merged Dungeon, can get the Super Secret Technique Scroll and Legendary Fragment.

About Blade & Soul Revolution

Based on the PC online game Blade & Soul, Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile role-playing game that translates breathtaking cinematic tales of retribution. With stunning full 3D graphics supported by Unreal Engine 4, it presents an Eastern fantasy world. The game offers a massive real-time faction fight and an unmatched hands-on action experience.

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In conclusion, the May 2023 update for Blade & Soul Revolution brings exciting new features, events, and rewards that players won’t want to miss. From the new dungeon to the limited-time events, there’s something for everyone in this update. So, what are you waiting for? Get back into the game and start exploring this stunning Eastern fantasy world!

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