eFootball 2024: Enhancements Gamers Have Been Waiting For

eFootball 2024: Enhancements Gamers Have Been Waiting For

KONAMI EFootball 2024: 5 Features that Should Have Been Included

KONAMI’s EFootball 2024 has made a return with a new season update, bringing some intriguing new features and updates to the table. However, despite these positive changes, there are certain expectations that remain unfulfilled. In this article, we will explore five features that we believe should have been included in the latest update of eFootball 2024.

Player Names on Jerseys

For quite some time now, the community has been clamoring for player names to be displayed on jerseys. We previously highlighted this in an article where we outlined the five features we hoped KONAMI would introduce in eFootball 2024 mobile. While gameplay is paramount, visual aesthetics also hold significant importance. Unfortunately, KONAMI has occasionally fallen short in delivering the best visual experience, and one recurring issue is the absence of player names.

Image via KONAMI

The community has voiced its concerns about this matter as well. This omission can be frustrating for players who seek an immersive and realistic gaming experience. In an era where attention to detail is crucial, addressing this issue should be a top priority for KONAMI to enhance the overall quality of the game.

Enhanced Stadium Selection

The game currently offers only one venue, the eFootball 2024 Stadium, which leaves players yearning for a more diverse and engaging stadium experience. Expanding the available stadiums could significantly enrich the gaming experience. It would provide players with a variety of iconic venues from different leagues and regions, each with its unique atmosphere and characteristics.

Revamped Scorecard Design

One of the most significant disappointments is the unchanged scorecard design, which retains the same blue-yellow scheme from previous iterations. It’s easy to envision how a darker shade from the user interface (UI) could have been a bold and visually striking choice.

Image via KONAMI

This change wouldn’t have been too challenging to implement and could have given the game a fresh look.

Referee Presence on the Pitch

The absence of referees on the pitch has been a persistent issue in the game, despite numerous requests from the player community. This omission undermines the overall realism of the game, which eFootball 2024 promises to deliver.

Player Ratings and Reports

It’s baffling that a feature that was functioning well, such as the post-match menus providing detailed player performance data, was removed. These menus were valuable tools that enhanced our understanding of how a player’s performance directly influenced the game. They included detailed data such as heat maps and advanced statistics.

Image via KONAMI

The removal of this feature is perplexing, as is the questionable rating system. Players scoring a hat trick receiving a maximum rating of 8.5, while minor mistakes result in a low score of 4.0, seems arbitrary and lacks value. The fact that this system has remained unchanged since the game’s initial launch suggests a lack of attention to certain aspects of the game.


While the update has brought about many positive changes and received favorable reviews, it’s essential to acknowledge the missing elements that can disappoint certain players. Opinions may vary, but constructive feedback plays a pivotal role in shaping the game’s future, and it appears we are on that path.

Additional Thoughts

In addition to the five features mentioned above, there are several other aspects we would like to see in future eFootball 2024 updates:

  • More In-Depth Customization Options for Players and Teams
  • A Robust Career Mode
  • Improved AI for Opponents
  • Expanded Online and Offline Game Modes
  • Frequent Content Updates

eFootball 2024 is a solid game with substantial potential. However, there is room for improvement, and addressing these missing features and suggestions could further elevate the gaming experience.

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