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God of war ragnarok

God of war: Ragnarok

Upcoming God of war: ragnarok game?

God of war ragnarok

The Santa Monica studio announced an upcoming God of War game for November 9,2022. As for the game’s story, it takes place a few years after the last part of the game. The freezing wind of fimbulwinter(a storm which comes just before the end of the world) came to the 9 realms.

Kratos’s actions triggered the start of Ragnarok before its time by him killing who was once thought to be immortal, Odin’s son Baldur.

As expected, the Norse gods weren’t happy with that and decided to take action by targeting Kratos and his son Atreus. Kratos and Atreus will attempt to avert Ragnarok while battling the remaining gods to ensure their safety. 

In a blog about God of War Ragnarok. Sony said that more development is coming for Atreus as he is curious to learn more about himself and who he is . And as some of you know, he was named “Loki”by his giantess mother, Fray, making him a half giant.

Speaking of Loki, Angerboda, his wife and mother to three of his children, is one of the main characters in the story. But for now, we don’t have much information about these two. Mimir, the story teller, is also returning to give more fun and details to the main story.

Moving on, the antagonists of the story will be Freya, Thor, and finally Odin. Each one of them has his own reasons to look after Kratos’s head, as Freya lost her son, Thor lost both his kids, and Odin waited for the perfect time to jump in and fight him.

Jumping to the ” map” , in the last God of War game we were able to discover only 6 realms. We visit all nine realms in God of War Ragnarok, making the game almost open world. 

Moving on to everyone’s favorite thing about the God of War, Weapons. The blades of chaos are back, but I doubt that they’ll be at full power. Different shields are yours to pick from and use how they suit you best. As for Atreus, his bow will do the work. along with many new abilities and combos for you to try.

That’s about it. For more details Check this 2 minutes video.
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